World Muay Thai Alliance (WMA) is the only official Muay Thai entity officially endorsed by the Ministry of Culture of Thailand.  Our 'Alliance' consist of people and entities who shared the same value - the love of Muay Thai.  WMA aims to grow this alliance of Muay Thai lovers through the following 4 initiatives:

  1. Improving the livelihood of retired Muay Thai boxers by turning them into more effective ‘Kru Muay’ through our train-the-trainer and career placement program,

  2. Groom the next generation of Thai fighters for world-class competition by equipping them with the appropriate skills, discipline, and mindset to excel at a professional level

  3. Provide health benefits to the general public through basic Muay Thai training

  4. Preserve and promote the art of Muay Thai and its unique culture to the world

  5. Teach an exclusive system of Muay Thai based on ancient techniques unlike anywhere else in the world

WMA was founded by General Tunwakom Tipayajan, a Muay Thai Lert Rit Grand Master and one of the few remaining direct apprentice of Ajarn Wisit Lerd Rit, the creator of Muay Thai Lerd Rit fighting style. 

General Tunwakom had been involved in Muay Thai for many decades as a Muay Thai practitioner, organizer, promoter, and teacher.



WMA is the founder and sole organizer of R-1 One Round Knockout competition.

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Email: info@wmathailand.com
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 Tel:+66 95 851 6449 (Thai)
Tel: +66 61 671 9524 (English)

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