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Muay Thai Lert Lit Academy's Apprenticeship

Joining Muay Thai Lert Rit Academy (MLA) as an Apprentice


Our academy offers a sponsored ‘apprenticeship’ approach to studying Muay Thai Lert Rit.  This 4-level course is provided to qualified apprentice free-of-charge, and offer up to 528 hours of intensive training under qualified MLA instructors as well as under Grandmaster General Tanwakom. 


Apprenticeship at our academy may be the right track for you if:


  1. You’re a fighter (or a fighter-at-heart type) who is seriously intrigued by the opportunity to learn an ancient, combative style of Muay Thai Lerd Rit as taught in the Royal Thai Army

  2. You possess a sufficient level of self-discipline to keep up with the amount of training and practice required for you to excel in the art of Muay Thai Lerd Rit

  3. You are willing to allocate a definite portion of your time to train rigorously at the academy for least 6 hours a week, and can allocate even more time to practice what you have learn on your own time

  4. You’re a person who believe in the idea of social responsibility, giving for a good cause, paying it forward, and you are willing to dedicate your time to teach the skill you have learn from us to others under our system on a pro bono basis - just as we will do for you

  5. You are willing to assist us in various socially responsible activities organized by WMA, MLA, and our allies 

  6. You understand the importance of virtues like respect, humility, honor, compassion, and perseverance as part of your training   

  7. You are willing to adhere to our rules and code of conducts**



This path might not be for you if:


  1. You just want a gym where you can throw punches and kicks at a bag or at someone holding a pad for fun

  2. You’re simply looking for a fun way to exercise and maybe shed some weight for free

  3. You’re just looking for friends to chat and play around while pretending to be practicing a form of martial art

  4. You have no patience for repetition and form, and generally lack the discipline to finish what you’ve started

  5. You’re only interested in sport Muay Thai training as opposed to street applicable self-defense and philosophy of an ancient martial art

  6. You have no interest in teaching other people the philosophy and skills you will learn from us as a way of paying it forward to the next generation and are uncomfortable with donating your time to help with socially responsible causes


Please note that a sponsored apprentice at our academy is NOT the same as a sponsored fighter at a typical Muay Thai camp.  We will not be providing room, food, transportation, or arrange fight for you. 



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